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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is smoking inside the facility?

    All in-house and guest rooms are non-smoking.
    An ashtray is available outdoors on the 2nd floor.
  • I'd like to take pets.

    Please refrain from being brought to your room as it is not an accommodation to stay with pets.
    Keep it in your car, please connect to the tContinue reading
  • Can I use only outpatient bathing?

    You can take a bath from 11 o'clock to 14 o'clock.
    The fee will be 900 yen for adults and 450 yen for children (elementary school students).
  • Have you heard that you can also put hot springs at the Sister Hotel · Tokonamiso?

    Because it is currently closed, please understand it is not available.
  • I would like to enter an outdoor bath on the other side, too?

    Guests staying in the room have a change of warmth at 12 o'clock, so you can enter either bath.

    Outpatient guests, please stay.
  • Is it a natural hot spring?

    It is a natural hot spring.
    It is an alkaline simple sulfur cold spa.
  • What kind of dishes do you have?

    It is a kaiseki dish using ingredients of this place.
    The natural drying rice rice From Nagiso, miso is using Kakizore Miso of Kiso.
  • What kind of restaurant?

    It becomes a restaurant of Tatami all.
    2 people private room···5 rooms (digging tap two seats)
    2 to 4 private rooms···3 rooms
    Big Hall···1 rContinue reading
  • Room meals?

    Please use the restaurant.
    Because we are in a private room, you can enjoy a relaxing meal for each group of customers.
    The restaurant will Continue reading
  • What time do you put outdoor bathing?

    We accept from 11 am to 8 pm reception.

    Please understand that there is time zone that you can not take a bath.
  • How much is outpatient bathing / view bath?

    Bathing fee is adult 900 yen · child (elementary school student) 450 yen.
    Observation bath is 2000 yen per group / 1 hour.
    In case of outpatContinue reading
  • I'd like to take a private bath?

    Observation baths and family baths are available for private use.
    For warm weather, it is a bathing bath, while for cold we have a family baContinue reading
  • What type of room are there?

    There is a special room with a living room in the Japanese room 18 square meter standard room and between the Japanese rooms 2 (18 m² + 14 mContinue reading
  • 【winter】I would like to know the condition of the road.

    Since it changes day by day, please contact us each time.
  • 【winter】Can you go with normal tires?

    Since it is dangerous, be sure to prepare for a winter tire or carry a chain.
    If you can reach Nagiso Station, we will have a free pick-up sContinue reading
  • 【winter】How long will you snow?

    Since it is located in the south of Nagano prefecture, it does not get as close to the image.
    However, because the altitude is high, even ifContinue reading
  • 【autumn】How cold is it?

    In the daytime, if there is sunshine it is warm with warmth, but it will be quite chilly in the morning and evening.
    It is more safe to haveContinue reading
  • 【autumn】How long will you put in the view bath?

    It is open until around the middle of November every year, but it is scheduled to open to the limit where it becomes cold and unusable.
  • 【summer】Is there a spot for a mountain stream fishing?

    There are several.We will introduce so please contact us.
  • 【summer】Is there a place where you can play water nearby?

    You can play with a natural river.
    Because it is not being maintained, please enjoy it as if it were impossible.(It does not get sticky likeContinue reading
  • 【summer】Can you collect insects?

    Is possible.After arrival, we will show you the collection spot.
  • 【spring】Is it still cold?

    The time with sunshine is warm, but it will cool down when the sun goes down.
    Also, depending on the weather it may be somewhat chilly days,Continue reading
  • 【spring】Is the outdoor bath open?

    Because it is cold, it will be open from the middle of April.
    We will inform you by "Notice from accommodation", so please have a look.
  • 【spring】Please tell me the recommended spots you can walk on.

    "Nagano Prefecture Kenmin no Mori" where you can see the fresh green larch and 300 years of natural tree and cod roe seaweed is Nagano PrefeContinue reading
  • "Spring" When is the best time to see a Hanamomo?

    It is natural, so it is different every year, but it will be in full bloom from the end of April to the beginning of May.
    We will inform youContinue reading
  • Is the mobile phone connected?

    DoCoMo and au are connected, but unfortunately Softbank can not connect.
  • Are there any other sightseeing spots besides the Tsumagojuku?

    Magome-juku Kakizore Valley Magome-juku · Momosuke Bridge · Kakizore Valley · Ohira Kenmin no Mori · "Nagiso Rokuro" and "Araragi HinokigasaContinue reading
  • Is it far to the Tsumagojuku?

    It is about ten minutes by car from the hotel.
    For those who use the train, please let us know because we will pick you up after tomorrow's Continue reading
  • Is there a convenience store near the hotel?

    It is not near the hotel. 
    It will take about 20 minutes by car from the hotel as it will be along National Route 19.
  • How do you get from Tokyo?

    When using a train: Change to JR Chuo Nishi Line Nagiso Station JR Chuo Line Shiojiri Station or Matsumoto Station, get off at JR Chuo NishiContinue reading

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