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Hotel Fukinomori
Toro-Ri Onsen and quiet time, it breathes a lot.

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Hotel Fukinomori


4644-7 Azuma, Nagiso Town, Kiso County, Nagano Prefecture

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From the direction of Nagoya: Chuo Expressway Nakatsugawa IC → R19 → via R256, Approximately 40 minutes.

From Tokyo direction: Chuo Expressway Iida Yamamoto I.C → via R153 → R256, Approximately 40 minutes.

Pick-up presence (condition)
Nagiso Station 16 o'clock → Tsumagojuku around Tsumagojuku
Nagiso Station 17 o'clock → Tsumagojuku around Tsumagojuku
Please make a reservation in advance.
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I hear only the sound of water, if I close my eyes it is in the silent forest

  • Please spend the time when the clouds are moving while looking over the mountains and sky of Kiso.

    The mountains are covered with white clothes and on a much brighter night
    In silence, only a faint sound of snow falls.

    On a clear night,
    When I look up, the sky full of stars speaks to us.

    Gently immerse yourself in hot water and your cold body will warm up.
    soft warm water is comfortable in bathtub of smell of strawberry.
    While looking up at the mountains and the starry sky, you can think of nature's activities.
    I gradually feel my heart unraveled and feel free.

    Just as the snow falls slowly,
    It's time to relax here.
    However, the luxury of enjoying the flow of time.

    Hotel Fukinomori

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