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Hotel Fukinomori


4644-7 Azuma, Nagiso Town, Kiso County, Nagano Prefecture

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From the direction of Nagoya: Chuo Expressway Nakatsugawa IC → R19 → via R256, Approximately 40 minutes.

From Tokyo direction: Chuo Expressway Iida Yamamoto I.C → via R153 → R256, Approximately 40 minutes.

Pick-up presence (condition)
Nagiso Station 16 o'clock → Tsumagojuku around Tsumagojuku
Nagiso Station 17 o'clock → Tsumagojuku around Tsumagojuku
Please make a reservation in advance.
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I hear only the sound of water, if I close my eyes it is in the silent forest

  • Please spend the time when the clouds are moving while looking over the mountains and sky of Kiso.

    Wind touching the skin leisurely
    The stream of a stream, the sound of a pleasant water
    A relief that makes me smile and relieve

    The fragrance of the forest makes the mind more gentle.
    Here is a place of silence where time will slowly pass.
    A gentle and uncanny space moves your heart to the heart of silence,
    It evokes the emotions of the heart that enjoys tranquility.I wonder when since I felt such a quiet time
    Does nature talk to us so much?
    Is the star shining in the night sky glaring so much

    If you leave the view you always see and step on foot to the space of healing,
    There are lots of discoveries and I feel the reaction of mind quietly more honestly than usual
    can do.
    The quiet forest and the air brings the healing of the heart

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